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How to respond to role requests from the Partner network or your Partners
How to respond to role requests from the Partner network or your Partners
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As a company in the partner network, you will receive announced role request by email notification and be able to respond to these request in Cinode.

You will receive notifications regarding announcements for your partners and also public announcements that is sent to the whole the partner network .

How to respond to a role request;

1. To respond to role requests announced to the partner network go to Network -Partner Network in the menu and the tab "Request". Click to open the assignmnent.

1. To respond to request from your Partners, go to Network -> Requests in the menu and the tab "Received".

2. Here you are able to read the role description, skills, attachments and the details and directly click "Respond to request" or go to the "Matching" view to see who matches this role before responding.

3. In the Matching view, click the three dots to the far right of the employee you wish to respond with and then click "Respond with Liva Brandstrap"

3. When responding to the role request you can upload files as resume and other attachments regarding the consultant. Type the contact person and if you wish to change the hourly rate and leave a message. Click "Send" to Respond to the request.

When the consultant is assigned for the role you will receive an email regarding this.

Go to the assignment in Network -> Requests in the menu to see the status for your responses, the status has changed from open to "Preliminary or "Assigned".


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