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With Cinode AI functions, translating, enriching, and condensing texts has never been easier or more enjoyable. You can transform lengthy documents into snappy pitches, extract key skills from project descriptions, and even enhance shorter texts by adding depth and detail. It’s a smooth process that cuts down the time it takes to update your profile or CV from minutes to seconds.

CV AI translation

Take your career international - your linguistic wizard is by your side.

  • Purpose: Eliminate language barriers in CVs.

  • Functionality: Instantaneous, AI-driven translation services to convert CV content into multiple languages without losing the essence of the qualifications and experiences.

  • Benefits: Increases global reach and makes candidate profiles accessible to international markets.

The buttons are visible in both the CVs and Profiles.

Click on the pen to edit:

When you are in edit mode, you will be able to see the AI text buttons:

To translate your CV or profile, click "translate." The translation will match the language of your CV template. For a Swedish CV from an English one, first create a Swedish CV template, then translate each section individually.

Check the text first and then click on "use text" to insert the translated text.

To regenerate, click on the arrows; to make changes, click on the pen.

Enriching, and condensing texts with AI

Enrich or summarize text to fit your purpose.

  • Purpose: Enhance the presentation of skills and experiences.

  • Functionality: An intelligent assistant suggests additions or changes to a CV, tailoring content based on the job market and specific opportunities.

  • Benefits: Results in a more appealing and focused CV, potentially increasing job match success rates.

How to:

Choose the number of characters, and the AI will offer you suggestions (which you can accept and save or regenerate until you are satisfied).

Skills Extraction for Project Assignments with AI

  • Purpose: Accurately represent skills and experiences.

  • Functionality: AI algorithms identify and emphasize skills from the CV text, considering context and relevance to roles.

  • Benefits: Enhances visibility in role searches and skill-based filtering, improving match accuracy.

How to:

Skills extraction is a powerful feature for identifying and highlighting relevant skills in a project context. It will automatically pinpoint specific skills and add them to the project from the text.

Click on the button "🪄 import most relevant" or click the arrow to choose all skills from the text.

Once you've gathered all the skills, you can retain them or remove some before hitting the save button.

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