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Translate your CV to another language
Translate your CV to another language

Translate you CV using the compare-view

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You can easily translate your resume to another language using the compare-view when editing a CV or our AI translate feature.

You will need to manually translate every block in your resume. The translation is only needed to be added once since after you translate a CV you will also have a profile in both languages.

AI translate your CV or Profile

Note! For access to the AI feature, your company’s system owner needs to opt-in by emailing

To translate your CV or profile, click "translate." The translation will match the language of your CV template. For a Swedish CV from an English one, first create a Swedish CV template, then translate each section individually.

Check the text first and then click on "use text" to insert the translated text.

Compare View to Translate a CV

Using the compare view you will be able to compare your CV to profile data. This is useful when you easily want to copy data from the profile to the CV. To translate the first time you can copy the data or just compare it while writing the translated text.

Translate your resume manually without AI - video:

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