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How do I work with skills matching a role?
How do I work with skills matching a role?

How does the skill/competence matching view work? How to match for a role

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In Cinode you have a great opportunity to match skills requirements for a role with skills that are added to the profile of the consultants. This makes it important for the consultants to tag skills in the profile for being a match for a role.

To work with matching for a role;

  1. Open the overview page of the role (for example, go to projects > List in the menu, open your project and click on the role)

  2. Add a skill, set the level, and choose if it is 'optional' or 'mandatory' (click 'add')

Several skill requirements can be added using skill tags to define the requirements for the assignment. It is possible to set a Mandatory or Optional level of competence.

Once you have added your skills you will see the numbers of employees, subcontractors, candidates, and partners that match the requirement.

3. Click 'Matching' to see the matching view.

The result of the skills search lists potential employees, subcontractors, candidates, or partners who have any of the skills requirements added to their profile or on their candidatecardsd.

The colours in the timeline indicate availability. Green means that the consultant is fully available during the period. Different shades of yellow indicate partially available. Red means that the consultant is fully booked on other assignments.

By clicking the arrow by the name of a consultant, you will see detailed information about assigned and preliminarily assigned projects.

Filter in Matching view

You can also sort and filter your list of people by selecting filters in the list.

  • You can filter on Team,

  • Matching (min-max in%),

  • Availability (min-max in%),

  • Location

  • Tag

Add or change/remove competencies in your search by clicking on "requirements" in the filtering.

How to understand

The round icon next to the name indicates the percentage of matching due to skill requirements. By hovering over the icon, you get a popup that explains the match rate. It also shows the consultant's five primary skills whose purpose is to get an indication of the focus areas of the consultant based on the person's top skills. The scoring model is based on whether the skill is mandatory or optional. Note that the score should be used as an indicator of how well the consultant matches the requirements of the role.

The star that is shown next to the matching number indicates the consultant's favourite skill. It means that the consultant has marked the skill as their favourite in the profile.

4. Book a consultant

Click the three dots at the far right of the consultant you would like to book and choose to book preliminary or definitely.

You can also choose to pin a consultant. To pin means that the person is saved and displayed in the list, regardless of whether you change your search criteria or filter your list in other ways. This feature is designed to make it easier for you who work with many consultants.

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