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Why does not the project/role appear in Planner - Forecast?
Why does not the project/role appear in Planner - Forecast?
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To display the projects in the Forecast view in Planner these conditions must be met:

A role created for an employee who has:

  • Status: The employee must be booked as Preliminary (and with status Added or Offered) or Assigned. Preliminary status Rejected, Revoked, or Deferred is not shown in the visual planner.

  • Start or End date must be set in the role to be visible in the Planner views. Note that Roles without start or end date will be included in the calculated utilization rate for an employee within a team, but not visible in the overviews.

  • Team: The employee who is preliminary/assigned must also choose which team this role will belong to. By default, this is registered for those employees who have only one team but can be changed by choosing edit. If no team is registered the role will not appear in the forecast.

  • There can only be one employee submitted per role. If a role is Assigned to a consultant, all other employees booked as Preliminary will no longer appear in the forecast.

  • The user needs to have the CompanyUser permission.

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