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Promote your company in the Partner Network
Promote your company in the Partner Network
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Note! You need to have permission-level administration to get access to the administration function. Check this article to get help setting the permission.

By showcasing your own company, other companies within the Cinode Partner Network will gain a clearer understanding of your operations, areas of expertise, and the potential advantages that a collaboration between your two organizations would bring.

How to promote your company

  • Add a company logo

  • Add a company description of your company (max 4000 characters)

  • Add a set of key skills which others can filter on to find your areas of expertise (e.g. Change Management)

  • Add contact persons with contact information

  • Add one or several locations

  • Add numbers of employees

1. Go to Administration > Network in the sidebar

2. Next, fill in the information on the Network page. Remember to add relevant key skills in order to make it easier for other companies to find out your areas of expertise.

3. Add contact persons that represent your company and will be notified when a new invitation to connect is received.

Note: In order to add a contact person they need to be added as an employee of your company and have the permission level Partner Manager.

๐Ÿ’ก Remember to have all the contact information such as number, email and title in the person's user account.

To add information to a person's account go to administration > User and the tab employees.

The contact person will automatically get email notifications when role requests are added to the Cinode Partner network and when getting invites from other companies.

Finally, go live by toggling the switch "Visible in Cinode Partner Network"

Now you are live and ready to connect with other companies!

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