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What are reference texts in Cinode?

When you are working with projects in Cinode you can easily create reference texts to present to your prospects or existing customers. For example, you can describe a specific business case where you describe what challenges your client had and how your company solved them.

Reference texts are searchable in the projects list.

Creating reference text:

  1. Go to the project where you wish to connect a reference text to.

  2. Click "Reference text". You will now be presented with the overview of reference texts for the selected project:

  3. In order to create a new reference text, click the button "Write a reference text":

You can now write your reference text. Below you see explanations of the different fields:

Title: A short summary of the reference text

Languages: Categorize which language you have written your reference text in. If you are working with clients in different countries, you can create the same reference text in different languages to fit the receiver of your reference text.

In the overview of your project's case studies, you see which language the reference text is written in.

Text: This is where you describe your reference text more in detail, for instance, the client's challenges and how your company solved those challenges.

4. To add additional reference texts to the same project, click the "+" sign.

Find project that has a reference text

In the Project > List view, you can search for projects that have reference texts,

Use the filter function to list your projects that have reference texts.

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