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Work with a project created (what information possible to add?)
Work with a project created (what information possible to add?)
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Within a project, you can add several relevant information.

From the Project card, you can click the three dots to;

Edit Project details and edit/add tags to a project or remove the project.

Duplicate your ongoing projects

Click the duplicate button to copy your project and also choose to change details before saving. Choose to add the same roles and also what date you wish before clicking duplicate.

Remove your project

Click the button with three dots to the right and choose to remove the project


  • Create new roles under Current roles. Here you have a timeline showing current roles already added to the project. You can scroll the calendar.

  • Add events such as meetings, notes, or tasks and see Current events.

The different tags contain information about roles, events, persons, etc.

The role tab

Roles give you an overview of all roles within the project. The three dots icon gives you the possibility to add/remove consultants from the role, edit, duplicate, extend and remove a role. The three-dot icon is only visible in the card or list view. Click into the role to work with functionality like matching and announcing roles.

Use the filters for selecting roles in the list and the icons for different list views.

The Event tab

Events list all events. Use the filters to sort your lists. Add, edit or remove events.

The Persons tab

In the Persons tab, you get a full overview of all Persons within the projects. Add Sales responsible, Project responsible, Intermedior contact, and Customer contacts. See also all consultants assigned to the roles included in the project.

To add more Sales responsible click the green pen next to "persons" och select "Sales Responsible". Search and select a person and click" Save"

Disconnect persons from the project by selecting disconnect under the icon with the three dots.

Other tabs

Reference text - write a reference text when your project has ended. The references will be searchable.

Attachments and links - add files and links to the project.

Details - edit project details.

Follow a project

Follow a project to always be updated when certain events occur on the project.

When you are following a project you will get notifications regarding the project and always be updated when certain events occur on the project.

Change status

Working on a project's status is vital to getting the right statistics out of Cinode. Dates for the status changes in the report Sales is the substrate for collecting the statistics regarding order value during the chosen period of time.

To change status:

  • Go to Projects in the sidebar.

  • Select the project you wish to change the status for and go to the overview.

  • Click the pen at the top right next to "Status".

  • Select what status you would like to change to.

Today's date will be set as default when changing status. If you do the change afterwards, do not forget to set the right date since it affects the Sales report.

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