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Managing profitable assignments
Managing profitable assignments
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The list is the view to use for proactive selling. By filling in a targeted tariff for consultants, this view will indicate whether or not the consultant is out on a profitable assignment.

The list goes from available to more and more utilized.

For the consultant, Office location, Target rates, and Current utilization are shown. Preliminary booked roles are shown in blue color and definitive booked roles with a green color and it is possible to view dates and prices. The arrow next to the role rate indicates if the project is profitable in relation to the target rate for the consultant.


The list is possible to configure by using the filters:

Show: Projects (Definitive bookings), Prospects (Preliminary bookings), and/or Absence

Period: Select from predefined or set your own date interval

Delivery: Select from teams that the booked consultant belongs to.

Office location: Select from the Location set for Employee

Utilization today: Set min or max value. To view, all available consultants set Max 1

Absence: Select to remove consultants with 100% absence.

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