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Preliminary bookings and calculation
Preliminary bookings and calculation
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There are two ways of working with bookings in the Cinode planner:

- Preliminary booking on a role: This type of booking is used to assign a suitable person to a project early on in the sales process, but no definitive decision has been made yet.

- Definitive booking on a role: This type of booking is used when it is decided that a specific person is going to be assigned to a project.

By starting early with preliminary bookings, you can make sure that there are available people that are a match for a future project. When the decision is made to assign one or more people to a project, you just update the status of the role from preliminary to definitive.

The preliminary booking is calculated from three variables:

  1. The probability that your company will win a project. This is registered on a project level. For more information, please see

  2. The defined probability for a specific step in the sales pipe. For more information, please see:

  3. The extent of the role in the project. For more information, please see

Making a preliminary booking for a role

1. Click on a project and create a role.

2. Fill in the information about the role, such as title, start/end date, and the extent of the role.

3. Select a person to book.

4. Under "Type of booking" select "Preliminary" and click Save.

5. Saved preliminary bookings in Cinode are indicated by a blue bar:

Calculation of Preliminary bookings

In the Planner it is possible to filter on only definitive bookings or definitive bookings in combination with preliminary bookings.

1. Click the filter icon and toggle "Bookings":

2. In the column "Bookings" you can choose to display either definitive or definitive and preliminary bookings in conjunction.

In the example "Robert Smith" total bookings are 200 + 45. The first number before the "+" sign indicates the definitive bookings while the numbers after the "+" sign indicate the preliminary bookings.

Calculation of preliminary bookings

Preliminary bookings will always take the probability to win a project into consideration when calculating the preliminary utilization rate. If the utilization rate will be 100% for a definitive booking and the probability to win the project is 70 %, the preliminary utilization rate will be 70% (100% * 0,7).

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