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Integrate with Outlook, Exchange, Gmail etc to save time booking meetings

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Calendar Sync is optional, a paid-for add-on that is only available for users of Business, Partner, or Recruit.

Calendar Sync allows your user to synchronize their Cinode account with their preferred calendar provider (e.g. Office365/Outlook/Exchange, Gmail etc).


Once enabled, when you schedule a meeting in your external calendar, the meeting including details will also show up in your Cinode account. Vice versa, if you add a meeting event in Cinode, you will have the option to add participants to the meeting right from Cinode. This will create a meeting in your synced calendar and also send out an invite to the selected participants - just as it would if you had scheduled the meeting directly from your favourite calendar app!

Prerequisites & exceptions

You will be able to use Calendar Sync if you have:

  • a combination of a Business plan and the permission level Manager

  • a combination of a Partner plan and the permission level Partner Manager

  • a combination of a Recruit plan and the permission level Recruiter

or a combination of any of these.

You will not be able to use Calendar Sync if you:

  • are using Connect with the permission level User only

  • only have Admin permissions and none of the combinations specified above.

  • Subcontractors and candidates will not be able to use calendar sync


Before Calendar Sync is available for the users of your company, Cinode Support needs to turn this feature on.

When Calendar Sync is turned on, each user can choose to synchronize her/his calendar to Cinode. Each user that wishes to use calendar sync, must authorize Cinode to access their calendar.

Here's how to get started:

1. Go to My account in the top right corner of Cinode:

2. Go to the tab Synced accounts:

3. Click on Sync an account

4. Enter your email address exactly as it has been registered with your calendar provider:

5. Next, you will be asked to allow Cinode access to your calendar (through

6. Once you have allowed access, you will be redirected to Cinode.

7. Finally, under "Show events from calendars" (screenshot below), please toggle your calendar to "Active" in order for it to be displayed in Cinode.


The Calendar Sync in use

The Calendar in Cinode (accessible in the sidebar through Events ➡️ Calendar) will mirror your calendar events as they are presented in your favorite calendar app.

To create a new meeting event, click the "+" in the Calendar view:


Whenever you create an event of the type "Meeting", you will be able to:

  • Invite participants (guests) in the calendar invitation

  • Specify an agenda for the meeting

  • See if you are available for the proposed meeting date to avoid double-booking


The field "Description", dedicated to the meeting agenda, will be synced and send out to all participants as soon as you click "Add".

External events:

Calendar events that have been created in your external calendar app and then synced to Cinode will have the tag "External event":


External events will be visible in the Calendar and in on your Overview. External events can be linked to various entities in Cinode, for more information please read below.

Relating calendar events to items in Cinode

Whenever you are creating calendar events in your preferred calendar app or in Cinode, you have the option to link the event to an existing customer, project, candidate, partner or subcontractor in Cinode. Only events that have not already been related to an item can be related to a new item.

To related a meeting event to for instance a customer, open the event and choose the icon for what item you wish to connect the event too. Hovering above each icon will provide you with a tooltip.


A word regarding time zones

Meetings created from Cinode are synced in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The meeting event displayed in your favorite calendar app will be displayed at the correct time in any view mode (i.e view week or view monthly), however, if you choose to edit the meeting in your calendar app the time and date will be displayed in UTC.

Here is an example:

Let's say that you have created a meeting in Cinode between 2 PM- 3 PM CET (Central European Time).

The meeting is synced to your calendar.

When you view the event in your calendar app, it will be displayed with the same start and end date as it has been created in Cinode.

When you edit the event in your calendar app the start and end date will be displayed in UTC instead of CET, thus it will say 1 PM - 2 PM (UTC).

This is a result of how the sync works and should not be considered a bug.

Pricing Plans

Calendar Sync is optional, a paid-for add-on that is only available for users of Business, Partner, or Recruit. You will first need either a Business, Partner och Recruit user account in order to use Calendar Sync.

For pricing and plans, please contact our team.

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