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Announce roles to your subcontractors
Announce roles to your subcontractors
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Note! You need to have permission level PartnerManager to get access to the Partner function and Partner account in Cinode. Check this article to get help setting the permission.

Cinode is built around sourcing, both internally and externally. If you find the need to reach out to your external network of subcontractors - you can send out individual requests to specific partner companies or subcontractors in your network. That way you will increase your reach. There is no limit to how many subcontractors you can announce to.

In order to announce to either a partner company or a subcontractor, you must first add them to Cinode. Make sure that their name and the e-mail address that you entered when you create the subcontractor are correct.

Announcing roles will trigger an e-mail to the selected parties. The e-mail will contain general information and a link so that the recipient can log in to their Cinode account to respond to your request.

Announce roles to Subcontractors

Start by creating a project and a role.

You are able to announce the role from two different views

The first view:

1. Go to Project -List, open the project and click the tab Roles.

2. Open the role you wish to announce. (you will now be in the overview)

3. Add skills required for this role.

πŸ’‘ Use skill sets to easily add skills suitable for this role.

3. Click "Announce" to continue (Scroll down to number 4.)

Or The second view;

1. Go to Project -List, open the project and click the tab Roles.

2. Open the role you wish to announce and click the tab Matching.

3. Click the pins to select the subcontractors and click Announce.

4. Edit the information and choose who you would like to announce to.

Announcing from the first view you will need to choose your subcontractors by clicking "Subcontractor"

Here is what you can edit:

Title: Title of the role as it will be presented to your network

Description: You can choose a different description of the role for your recipients, other than the one description of the current role that has been saved in your Cinode account.

Deadline: Set a date for when the recipients need to reply at the latest.

Hourly rate: Set the rate which you offer to the recipients. Usually, this is higher than the rate that has been set in the role so that you can make a profit.

Currency: Set the currency. New currencies can be added to the Administration interface in the sidebar.

Contact: Choose which person from your company that should be displayed as the contact person for your network should they have any questions regarding this particular role.

Compensation per hour: Here you can choose to show the compensation per hour and also choose to allow recipients to suggest a different price by checking the box.

Attachments: If you have uploaded attachments to the project, they can also be attached to this announcement.

Remote: If the consultant can work remotely check the box "Work can be done from a remote location."

5. You can now select what subcontractors you wish to announce to. You can also choose the Partners you wish to announce.

Example on selecting individual subcontractors or groups.

6. Once you have selected the recipients, click "Choose".

7. Click "Preview" to continue.

8. The final page will give you a summary of the role that you are about to announce. Click "Send" to notify your network. They will receive an e-mail notification and also see the role in-app. That's it!

You will get an email when the subcontractor has answered the role.


To provide your network with the most accurate information, make sure to:

  • Make sure to add your partner companies and subcontractors BEFORE you announce the role. This is done under Partner in the sidebar βœ…

  • In the Project: Set an office location - this will let your recipients know where they are going to be stationed for this assignment βœ…

  • Attachments can be uploaded to the Project and sent along the role announcement βœ…

  • In the Role: Set both a start and an end date for the role βœ…

  • In the Role: Make sure to add some relevant skills. This will make it easier for your recipient to assess if they are able to muster the role βœ…

  • Keep in mind that the hourly rate that is announced to the network may differ from what you wish to charge your customer βœ…

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