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This guide will guide you trough the whole process integrating your Cinode account with Zapier. Build your workflows fast and easy!

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Zapier enables the possibility to integrate Cinode with other external systems using customizable workflows, called "Zaps". Apps from more than 750 services like Gmail, Slack, Google Sheets, or Trello offer you process automation and notifications so Your teams can work up to date and efficiently.

With Zapier you visually interconnect a source system (Trigger) with what you want to accomplish (Actions) to automate tasks your heavy-lifting tasks.

There are several creative ways of using our Zapier integration:

* Notify your colleagues on Slack when you have a new project added.
* Send new customer to Oneflow to sign contract.

* Add note on the customer when you got an email from them (last interaction).

* Enrich data on a Customer from a Corporate database such as Vainu upon creation in Cinode.

How to get started with Cinode Zapier Integration:

1. Login to your Cinode account and create an API account, you find this option on the top corner under "my account". Then click on the green plus next to "Api Accounts" Note that you need to have administrator permission for this to be enabled. Please ask your system owner if you need this access or contact our support for further help.

2. Copy the Access Id & Access secret, Company Id you will need this later so save it in your notes.

3. Navigate to Zapier and register an account if you do not already have one. Note that the provider of this service may charge you for using these services, you should always make sure what associated costs and terms are applicable by contacting the provider of those services.

4. Cinode's Zapier Integration is visible in Zapiers own app search, just navigate to

5. Choose to log in (if you already have an account or choose to register a new account).

6. To start creating your workflow click "+ Create Zap".

7. Search for Cinode in the app and choose the latest/beta version.

8. Choose the Trigger Event, "New Customer", "New Project" or "New Customer".

9. Click Continue

10. Sign in to Cinode v 1.1

11. Fill in the Access ID in the Username field and the Access secret in the Password field you copied earlier from your API- account in. Cinode. When the button is enabled press continue.

12. Choose the account and press continue

13. Add your company Id, you find this information with the other credentials from your API-account in Cinode, step 11 in this guide.

14. Test trigger and see what data the Zap return from Cinode based on your chosen event. Hopefully, it's a success and it will find a project, if not check the error and trouble shoot, then run the zap again.

15. Your Cinode account and Zapier account is now connected, choose action and keep building your dream workflow!

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