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How to notify your colleagues on Slack when a new project is added Via Zapier
How to notify your colleagues on Slack when a new project is added Via Zapier
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Why shout across the office when you can send a Slack message when a new project is added to the pipeline.

Follow these steps to create this workflow: (Note: first, you need to integrate your Cinode account to Zapier. If you haven't completed the integration, check this guide before you proceed further.)

  1. Start by creating a new Zap in your Zapier account.

  2. Choose a trigger, in this case, search for Cinode and choose "Cinode v 1.1 By invite".

3. Choose the event "New Project".

4. Choose the Cinode account you want to use in this zap.

5. Enter your Cinode Company ID (This information is sent out when you integrate your Cinode account with Zapier, step 2 in this guide.) If you haven't saved this information, please contact our customer support and we will help you retrieve the ID number.

6. Test the trigger to verify that it works.

7. Choose an Action, in this case, search for "Slack".

8. Configure your Slack account to Zapier.

9. Choose Action Event "Send Channel message".

10. Choose your slack account.

11. Set up the action fields, there are several that is required and some are optional.
Start with these: Channel, message text (here you have the possibility to map data properties from the project directly into the slack messages! (In this example, the title of the project & description are already chosen.)

12. When you have gone through all the fields, click continue and test the action.

13. Navigate to Slack and see how it appears in the channel!

If you wish more examples on how to integrate Cinode with the systems that you use across your company business on a daily basis, please contact us for more information and inspiration.

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