Capacity Forecast

View the capacity of your employees in a report.

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Note! only users with Manager-permission within your company can see this information.

Overview of Capacity Forecast

Capacity forecasting is a report you can use to make data-driven decisions regarding resource allocation, workload balancing, project planning, talent acquisition, and scalability. By understanding the capacity of your employees in their booked roles, companies can optimize sales performance, improve employee satisfaction, and set the stage for sustained growth.

You will find the capacity forecast under Planner in the menu > Forecast > Capacity.

To make use of Forecast’s capacity options, follow the steps outlined below:

How to Understand the Capacity Forecast

The colours in the report are presented after these percentages below:


The row in the button gives you the number for all available FTE and users in the chosen view.

Filter possibilities in the capacity forecast

If you search for tags in the report, you can choose to and/or with other parameters in the filter options.

Export the report

If you desire additional information, you can export the report.

  1. Go to administration > data

  2. Capacity

  3. Click on 'Export to'

This export is viewed per user weekly for six months starting from the current month.

Find available resources in the Capacity Report

In this video, we demonstrate a quick workaround for locating available resources in the Cinode matching engine without needing to create a project and a role. By leveraging the capacity feature and applying the filter skills option, you can efficiently identify resources based on desired skills, whether it's a single skill or a combination.

This method offers a swift solution for resource allocation. We recommend watching the video to learn this efficient technique.

Video 1 min

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