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Response to roles in the partner network or from a partner
Response to roles in the partner network or from a partner

Answer to a role from a partner or in the partner network.

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Note! You need to have permission-level administration to get access to the administration function. Check this article to get help setting the permission.

Received requests that have status open can be viewed in the network > overview. If you click on 'show all' you will see the complete list of requests.

How to respond to a request

When a partner company publish a role you as a contact person in the network will receive an email. Read more about how to manage email notifications.

You can also view see them under network > requests > Received.

Click on the role to see the description and details of the announced role. Up to the right you have buttons to answer the request, decline or respond with a consultant.

Decline - The company announcing the role will get an answer when you decline

Respond to request - Choose the consultant and attach a CV or drag and drop a CV as a file.

The partner company announcing a role will get a confirmation email when you have answered.

After you have answered the company announcing the role will book or decline.

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