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Favorite skills - show your company what your passion is
Favorite skills - show your company what your passion is
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Mark favourite skills in the profile of an employee, subcontractor, or candidate for the possibility to strengthen and develop as a consultant within these areas. In the long run, more dedicated and engaged co-workers and/or partners will arise. The purpose is to highlight skills to make the matching process between project and resource more accurate and search for the right project for a consultant.

The favourite skills marking can also be used during a staff appraisal to mark areas to develop.

How to mark skills as favourites:

Go to the profile and scroll down to the Skills block. Click the star icon beside the skill.

Match relevant consultants with skill requirements in the role of a project

The matching possibility is only available to Cinode Talent Business users with the permission CompanyManager.

For the possibility to see the favourite skills in the resource planning phase, go to the matching function inside the role of a project.

The star symbol is visible directly in the matching results. When hovering consultants match score in this overview, the top skills will appear together with the star icon for favourite skills. By selecting the consultant that has highlighted the skill as their favourite, you will get a more accurate match when presenting that consultant to your customer. The consultant will also get the possibility to work within fields that interest them most.

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