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What can I do in the Delivery view?
What can I do in the Delivery view?
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In Delivery under Projects, you work with the actual delivery, e.g. the assigning of consultants in their defined roles.

You can also view relevant assignments and projects to look over. Use the filters to view the projects you want to see. The default is Open and Won projects.

The roles are shown with different colored circles with a number in them. The figure equals the number of roles.

  • Green - assigned

  • Blue - preliminary assigned

  • Red - unassigned

Click on the arrow for more information about dates and roles.

Possible filter settings:

To view unassigned roles use the filter on Allocation - Unassigned, Preliminary assigned.

Filter on the project responsible if stated in the project to find projects assigned to a resource manager. Allocation - Preliminary and Team to see the preliminarily assigned consultants in your team. You can also use Sales Responsible if that is the same person.

You can also find assignments through tags.

Filter through Pipe if you are working with different pipes depending on the business area, and geographical diffusion in the sales process.

Other filters are Resources, Customers, and Team.

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