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Why do some role bookings show up and others don't in the Planner -> Forecast
Why do some role bookings show up and others don't in the Planner -> Forecast

Booked roles not showing up in the forecast? Booking rate not making sense? My employee/user is not visible/shown in the planner/forecast?

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There can be different reasons why booked consultants are not shown in the Planner. In some cases, the displayed bookings rate in the Planner could also differ from what you would expect.

The reasons can range from settings in the projects, roles, user settings related to the booked user or lack of information in these areas.

If you cannot see a consultant in the Planner that you expect to be there, make sure to go through this checklist to troubleshoot.

Team Affiliation

A user must belong to a team in order for the role to be displayed in the Planner. A team member might have been added to a team and be visible in the Organisation view and in the Planner, but if the user did not belong to a team at the time the user was booked on a role, then for that specific role the user is listed as not belonging to a team.


  • Go to the role where the user is booked and edit the booking where it says the user belongs to no team and update to the proper team.


Settings related to projects can primarily affect how Preliminary bookings are shown.

To amend issues related to a project, go to the specific project to which the user's role is booked


  • Probability: The probability parameter of a project will affect the displayed percentage (%) preliminary booking rate of an employee. Probability is defined either by each pipeline stage or manually by the "Probability" field in each project.

In the Planner, we have chosen to show definitive and preliminary bookings. In the overview, it looks like James is preliminary booked on a role of 50 % (indicated by 0 definitive + 50 preliminary).

Expanding the view however, will show that James is preliminary booked on the role of Solution Specialist at 100 %.

The reason behind this is the probability of the project that the role is connected to.

If we hover above the project name "Bi Solution project" we will see that the probability for the project is set to 50%. This in turn gives the preliminary booking rate a value of 100% x 50 % (role booking x probability) = 50%.


  • Cinode will also take the chance of probability into account for preliminary bookings. The only way to affect the displayed preliminary booking rate is to change the probability. You can set the probability to 100 % for all pipe stages to always display the actual preliminary booking rate as specified in the role. Note that you should only do this if you do not intend to use probability for projects at all, as this will affect the data shown in the pipelines and sales reports.


To amend issues related to a role, go to the specific role to which the user is booked


  • Start and end date: You will need to set a start and end for the role. Roles without an end date will not show up in the Timeline tab of the Planner. They will however be displayed in the Forecast and List tabs.


  • Go to the role and make sure there is a start and end date. Even if you are not completely sure, you should try to give as accurate of an estimate as possible in order for the Planner to take this booking into account.

Permission levels (Roles) settings

To amend issues related to employee users settings, go to Administration -> Users and edit the roles for the specific user


  • The employee does not have the role "User": Only users with the role "User" will be shown in the Planner


  • Go to the user list in Administration and set the role for the user to include "User".

Employee settings

To amend issues related to employee users' settings, go to Administration -> Users and edit the settings for the specific user


  • End date of employment: If you have set an end date for when the employee is going to end for an employee, the person will be hidden from the Forecast tab. Note: They will however be visible in the Timeline tab.


  • Go to the user settings and remove the end date of the employment. You will need Administrator permissions (Role) in order to access the user settings.


  • The employment rate (%): If the employment rate is 0 or not specified (null), bookings will not be displayed in the Planner overview


  • Go to the user settings and add a correct value for the user

Setting the employment rate (%) under employee settings

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