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Note! that only users with manager permission within your company are able to see this information.

Overview of Timeline

The Timeline is an overview that gives you a quick and simple overview of:

  • Your teams (you are then posted as responsible for the team),

  • All teams

  • All employees

  • Subcontractors

The employee view in the timeline is listed from most available to least available consultants in order to help you visualize who to prioritize for upcoming projects.

The other views give you a good overview of the booked roles for employees or subcontractors due to teams and from here it is easy to edit role details such as dates.

Click on the arrow by the team to open up the team.


In the timeline, you can now see the average availability for the filtered period to get a good overview of the availability of your consultants or subcontractors.

It's calculated for assigned (green) projects.

Filter options in the Timeline

You can also choose to show the overview based on week, month, or quarterly intervals. If you show monthly or quarterly, remember to extend the date-interval in the overview, by clicking on the filter icon to the right in the picture. Here, you also have the opportunity to filter based on other chosen criteria. These vary somewhat depending on the view.


The colours of the projects show the following:

Green: assigned projects
Light green: option of extension
Orange: oral agreement
Blue: preliminary booked projects
Grey: vacation

Click on the pen to quick-edit the role. You can edit the date, extent, and price.

Remember that a project that is extended but is also changed in extent or price, shall be published as an extension for the opportunity to retrieve the correct statistics.

Depending on how you work with the extension, it can also be required for you to register the extension as a new project to get a separate order value on the extension.

Click on a role to edit details. Project, role, or customer is clickable, and shortcuts to the separate pages.

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