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How is absence shown and calculated in Planner?
How is absence shown and calculated in Planner?
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Absence is calculated as 100% utilization in the Planner Overview.

A person that is on an assignment to 80% extent, has 100% extent in employment and 100% extent in the team has a cumulative utilization of 80%. If this employee uploads an absence period, e.g. a week of vacation over two periods in the forecast, the utilization of the employee will rise during the two weeks of the vacation tangent.

The calculation is performed as follows:

  • Assignment 80% of 100% Monday and Tuesday, 100% utilization Wednesday-Friday, which gives a cumulative coverage of 95% for the week.

  • 100% utilization because of vacation Monday-Tuesday then again assignment 80% of 100% Wednesday-Friday which gives the cumulative utilization of 90% for the week.

The vacation is shown with a gray line during the time interval it was ongoing. See visualization in Planner - Forecast by clicking on the arrow by the employee name.

The aggregate calculation for the team takes into account holidays and thus reduces the employee's utilization in the total rate for the team.

If a co-worker takes a full week of vacation, this will be shown within grey when the person is absent the entire period.

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