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How does the Sales report work?
How does the Sales report work?
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The Sales report extracts aggregating order values ​​during the selected period and is based on the date when a project changes its status. By setting different types of filters, you can see the values ​​over a certain period, for a particular salesperson, etc. Default is the filter set to Status Won, Status updated 7 days (back in time).

To enter the report go to reports > projects > Sales

  • To see, for example, order values ​​for a particular salesperson for a certain period, set the filters to the sales responsible and customize the filter with chosen dates.

  • To view order values ​​from a particular pipe, select the pipe and date range.

  • To view order values ​​for a particular customer, select the customer and date range.

  • To see the values ​​of lost orders, select the status lost and the date range.

  • To see values, for example, Subcontractors, select Resource and Subcontractor and date range.

The report summarizes the projects that are submitted and displayed

  • Estimated value with the probability either specified explicitly for a project or default value in the current pipeline step

  • Calculated value shows the expected value specified for the Roles included in the project. Extent and price are the basis for the calculation.

  • Margin is derived from the above value reduced by the self-cost given to the consultant added. This value is calculated based on the self-cost per hour specified for the appointed consultant under Administration > Employee.

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