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Add and invite a new employee to Cinode
Add and invite a new employee to Cinode

Add and invite employees to your Cinode tenant

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This article describes how to add and invite employees to your Cinode tenant. Please read the full article before proceeding to add new users.

  1. Go to Administration > Users and click on the tab Employees.
    Use the shortcut up in the right corner (+)

  2. Add by clicking on the '+' sign. The following information is available to be filled in:

Invite several users

You can invite your colleagues in one click.

Send Welcome email

When you add a user, you will have the option to send a welcome email.

You can send a welcome e-mail after creating the user account, but if you do not send a welcome email you manually have to send the password, login link and username to the user.

Below is an example of what the welcome email would look like:

The link in the e-mail is valid for 24 hours, if the user clicks the link after that period of time, they will be urged to use the password reset to get a new link.

Creating an account without the welcome email

If you uncheck the send a welcome email checkbox, you will manually have to inform the user of their credentials. This includes:

  • Username (their email adress as defined in Cinode)

  • Password (which is generated automatically when you are creating the user)

  • You company's unique login URL (the same URL that you logged in through)

Please note:

Primary profile language

As you are creating the user account, you have the option to create a Cinode profile for the user. We recommend that you set the primary profile language to the language in which the user will most likely create her/his resumes in e.g if the user in most cases will create English resumes, the primary profile language should be English.

Employment date

If you register an employment day, you will be notified in the visual planner so that the organization can see the date from which the user is available for projects.

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