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Integrate Cinode with other apps & services
Integrate Cinode with other apps & services

Integration options, our current ready-made integrations and how you build your own integrations.

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There are a few ways to integrate and synchronize Cinode with other apps in your tech stack.

Using the Cinode REST API

The Cinode REST API allows your developers to build an integration with Cinode and other platforms. Use cases can range from synchronising customers from your CRM system, managing user updates from your HR system to creating dashboards of ongoing projects or mapping candidate applications forms in your website with Cinode. Using the API will require that your developers will build the integration.

Not all functionality in Cinode has API endpoints so there are limitation on what data that can be transferred.

The Cinode REST API can be used free of charge for a limited number of API requests, but your company account will be billed should you surpass the maximum daily limit. Your company's administrators can view the daily number of requests and the rate limit inside the Administrations interface of Cinode.

You can find more information and the technical documentation for the API here.

Using third-party services (i.e. Zapier)

Another option is to use a third-party service designed to integrate cloud services without the need for coding (as opposed to using an API). One example is Zapier.

Wish to integrate your Cinode account to Zapier? Check this step to step guide that describes how!

Were you looking for ready-made integrations?

Azure AD - Single Sign On (SSO) & User Provisioning

We currently offer a ready-made integration Azure AD (SSO & User Provisioning).

Azure AD SSO/User Provisioning is available as a paid add-on for our customers.

For more information about Azure AD, please view this article.

Calendar Synchronisation - keep all your booked meetings in sync

You can synchronise meetings from your calendar app (eg. Gmail, Outlook/Exchange etc) with Cinode without building your own custom integration.

Calendar Sync is available as a paid add-on for Business, Partner & Recruit customers.

For more information about calendar sync, please view this article.

Want to build your own integration to Cinode?

We've now added the possibility to add third party apps to Cinode with the help of our Json scheme support. This will help you configure your third party apps into Cinode. To do this simply go to the administration panel, go to integrations and then choose Apps. In the Apps view, you're gonna see a new tab called registration. When adding an app you can choose between native apps or external apps.

The Native app is often downloaded via a store front (like Google play or App Store)

External is a web app is accessed through the web browser (usually Safari or Chrome on mobile devices) by typing in a URL, or via a bookmark or shortcut.

How to work with the pipeline when integrating Cinode with another CRM

In this video, we introduce you to how to utilize Cinode when you have a separate CRM. When you have a separate CRM and your sales process has reached the level where you want to start staffing it to offer your consultants to your customer, you can have an API or webhook setup that will then recreate the project within Cinode.

Video 5 min

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