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Get started with Cinode Recruit
Get started with Cinode Recruit

Qualify candidates for employment or subcontractor collaborations

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What a fabulous reason to recruit from the vast majority of talent that is out in this world. Need to work quickly with your recruitment processes well…. Cinode will fulfil that need.

Here are some of the functions in Cinode Recruitment

  • Create easy pipes in order to manage your recruitment flow

  • Candidate profile in one simplistic view

  • Work with events on your candidate and follow the updated event status on your home page

  • Be able to invite the candidate or create and candidate account in order to pre-start the profile completeness of the candidate to roles

  • Be able to match candidates on roles in the matching function to new exciting roles

  • Easy to convert a candidate to an employee once the interview process is completed

And much more - let's break it down on how you easily can get started

  1. Add your candidate -the more details you add the better the view. For more about the different fields to add to your candidate click here:

  2. Make sure your candidate card holds the relevant information about your candidate. More on how to add attachments and other details to the candidate card here:

  3. Build your candidate's skill cloud. Read more here about using the skills in order to match your candidates to roles here:

  4. Invite your candidates to start building their profiles and join your network. More about this here:

  5. Move you to a candidate in the candidate pipeline and stay on track with the latest updated stage in your candidate pool. More in this here:

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