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Why I am having a trouble with my resume and exports?
Why I am having a trouble with my resume and exports?

Where are my assignments on the first page? Why is my second page empty when exporting?

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When you create a resume, you need to notice different warning signals that appear while editing a resume. It could be that you have too much text, line breaks or bullet lists. On the first page, you must fit your presentation and your highlighted assignments.


1. In your presentation - Note your line breaks, long bullet lists or long text. (see warning texts in the preview at the bottom of the first page)

2. Observe the number of characters in the highlighted assignments. (See warnings signals - a red triangle.)

3. Select which assignments and highlighted projects to show in the finished result

Why do I have a blank page? My page number two is blank when exporting.


If the presentation and the highlighted project do not fit (text is overflowing) into the first page of your resume you will get a blank page when exporting your resume.

You will see the warning text while editing your resume.

In the presentation -Maybe you have the right number of characters but the line breaks will take up a lot of space on the first page.

In the highlighted projects - you will see warning signals

This means that you have too many characters for the highlighted projects and need to minimize the text. Do not worry, you will present the whole assignment on page number 2.

What can I do to fix this?

  1. Go to resumes in the menu

  2. Click the three dots on your resume

  3. Click edit content

4. Merge together as much text as possible and click 'Save'

6. Scroll down to 'highlighted projects' and open the assignment to edit the text.

7. Minimize the text until it's not red anymore and click 'Save'

Well done!

Result = No more line breaks and ready for exports.

Scenario number 3

Where in my projects in the preview on the first page of the resume?


You forgot to toggle on the assignment you want to show.

Green = Toggle on and will therefore be viewed in the CV.

Grey = toggle off and will therefore be hidden in the CV.

These settings will only be applied to the CV that you are editing.

For the highlighted sections you have a limited amount of projects or skills that can be shown.

Result = First page looks good.

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