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Webhooks are automated messages sent from Cinode when a specific event triggers. You can use Cinode webhooks to integrate with external services.

Our implementation of webhooks are of an Auditing type setup, meaning we include both a detailed payload with the relevant object, and metadata about the event and action.

Webhooks are still considered a beta feature, and need to be enabled by customer success. Breaking changes might be released

A few use cases include (but are not limited to):

  • Synchronising customer or project data in Cinode with CRM platforms.

  • Notify people of changes to projects via Slack, Teams, or other communication platforms, for instance Project set to Won or Pipeline stage updated.

  • Trigger processes in ERP platforms when a project is won.

Note: Your team and developers will need to build the actual integrations. Cinode does not build any custom integrations for customers. As a Product SaaS we want to concentrate our efforts on building a great user experience and provide the programmatic API access you will need to run your business processes efficiently.

Get started with Cinode Webhooks:

  1. Contact your Customer Success or support to get this function enabled in your Cinode account.

  2. Navigate to Administration > Integrations > Webhooks

  3. Click on the button “Add your first webhook”

  4. Choose Actions and objects you wish to trigger.

    - All
    - Created
    - Updated
    - Deleted

  5. Type in your Endpoint URL and, if required, HTTP Authentication credentials other wise you can leave these two fields empty.

  6. When you have created the webhook you have to enable it for it to be live.

  7. If you wish to edit the existing webhook click on the three dots to the right.

    More possibilities: Integrate with Cinode REST API or third-party services (i.e. Zapier)

    If you wish to have more information about this or anything else regarding Cinode don't hesitate to contact our support or your Customer Success representative.

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