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Choose between two types of tokens, static and personal.

Static token - A global key that the whole organization can access.

The user/account for this type of token need to have the role “Companyapiuser” when creating the user account, you can use api@cinode.. for example.

Personal token - A key that is connected to a person, if the user quits and gets removed from the platform the key will not work anymore.

How to create a token in Cinode:

1. Start by clicking on the green plus symbol "Token"

2. Choose name and expire date, note that when the key expires the integration will stop working so choose a smart date that will not appear on vacation or other.

3. MIMIC User means "which person's rights should this token be used" For example the static token will inherit the roles that means if the user has the roles Manager, Recruiter and Admin, you will only be able to access these resources via the static token that you create.

4. Click "create token" to generate the key.

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