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How to use the skills forecast to plan your organisation's upskill and reskill.

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Note that only users with Manager-permission within your company are able to see this information.

Plan your workforce's future skills with skill forecasting πŸ“ˆπŸ“Š

By utilizing the skill forecast, you can strategically plan the skill levels of the employees within your organization. This forecast will provide you with a comprehensive overview of both the current and projected average skill levels of your employees, in accordance with a predetermined target date. The information gives you the possibility to plan for the extended need for reskilling, upskilling, and recruitment based on those plans.

The projected average skill levels of your employees on the target date are determined based on the individualized Growth Plans of each employee. This allows for a more precise prediction of future skill levels, enabling you to make informed decisions regarding training and development initiatives for your workforce.

How to access the skills report

Go to Reports > Competences and the tab Skills forecast to;

  • View today's average levels of all skills and see how many users possess this skill.

  • View the average level of all skills as well as how many users possess this skill at a specific target date.

You are able to use the filters to filter on a target date, skills, team, or/and tags in your organization.

In this example:

In this image, we have filtered on a target date of 1 year and we can see that 16 users have the skill "Agile methods" added to their profile, the average level today is 3,1 and in 1 year the average level will be 3,3 with 18 users.

Use the filter to set a target date. It is also optional to filter on skills, teams, and tags.

Click "Agile methods" to view more details.

If you click on the skill you can view all employees that have this skill and see that 4 users have the skill added to their Growth Plan with the target level "5" or "3".

The Level Forecast (to the right of this image) shows the forecasted level of Agile Methods from today until your set target day which in this case is in 1 year.

πŸ’‘ View your report from your organisation's predefined skill sets

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