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How to edit in existing resume/create a new resume (Full video)
How to edit in existing resume/create a new resume (Full video)

In this article, you can see how to edit your CV with NextGen and also add skills to the right on the first page in your CV.

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With the Cinode CV editor, you are able to:

  • Add data directly into the Resume without going through a Profile

  • Update all or selected CVs affected by your added information

  • See the result directly in the preview

  • Dynamic UI to show only the CV blocks your organization has selected in your templates

When creating a CV the first page is important to directly show your customer your perfect match for their needs. Creating a selling cover page is a great way of making your customer immediately aware of your potential and will increase the chances of them continuing to read your CV.

If this is the first time you are adding a new item to your CV, for example, a new work experience, it will automatically be saved to your profile when clicking "Save". And the next time you are editing and making changes to the same item, you can select if you want to save the changes to only the resume you are working with by clicking "Save", or to several resumes and your profile by clicking "Save to". (Clicking "Save to" automatically saves to your profile.)

How to edit a CV

Below is an instruction on how to edit in an already existing CV with our editor:

If you want to upload a new CV when you already have a CV, click on the + and choose language and cv template. All your data from the profile (master data) will be added to this new cv.

Note! You can not import a cv when your already have information in the profile.

Switch between the blocks by click on 'table of content'

Why are there restrictions on the number of characters in a Resume?

For "Title & Presentation" and "Highlighted Work Experience," there are character limits to ensure your presentation fits on one page. Avoid unnecessary line breaks and paragraphs. If your text exceeds the limit, you'll see yellow highlights for the parts that don't fit. In "Highlighted Work Experience," a red warning-triangle indicates excessive characters. To reduce text length, focus on the most relevant information for the role you're presenting.

How to add skills to the right on the first page of your CV

To highlight your skills and add them to the right of the first page of the CV follow these steps:

  1. Go to resumes in the menu

  2. Click the three dots on your resume you want to edit

  3. Click edit content

4. Go to 'skills by category' and click on the + sign to add

5. Choose an already existing category from the list, for example, roles or type in your own category by writing in the field and clicking + icon.

πŸ’‘ An easier way of adding skills to the first page is to use a skill set created by your organisation. Scroll down to the skill sets and choose the one suitable for your CV.

6. Click on one or several skills to add them to "roles" and click "Save"

1) Click in the box to show the skill on the first page

2) Filter on already selected skills to the category by clicking on "roles" or if you want to show all your skills from the skills block in the CV click "all skills".

Now you can see your highlighted skills on the first page πŸŽ‰

How to export your CV

Open your CV and you will see export buttons down to the right. Export to PDF or Word.

​Note! some Cv templates can only be exported to pdf.

How to share your CV

By allowing your CV to be shared via a link, individuals outside of your organization who receive the link will be able to view your CV. Rather than sending a PDF or Word file, you have the option to send the web address of your CV profile to a customer. This approach is often preferred by customers as it is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Additionally, the PDF and Word converters will be concealed from your customer.

Choose how the CV will be shared:

Company - Only people within the company

Anyone - anyone that has received the link can view the CV

Create trackable Links

Each link can also have an expiry date, after which the resume will no longer be accessible using that specific link. You can create several trackable links.

When you have shared the trackable link you can see how many people viewed the CV and when it was last viewed.

  • Click on edit if you want to change the expiry day or description

  • Remove will delete the trackable link

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