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How to work with skill sets report
How to work with skill sets report

Describe how and why you should work with the skill sets report.

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Please note that the report is structured according to the skill set defined by the administrators of Cinode. For any changes or additional information, please contact a Cinode administrator within your organization.

Skill Sets Report

By constructing skill sets, you gain the ability to analyze the internal skill supply through a comprehensive report, providing a clear overview of your employees' and subcontractors' skills as well as their skill levels. This data allows you to ensure that you have the appropriate blend of skills tailored to your assignments, clientele, and organizational requirements. Moreover, it empowers you to make informed strategic decisions regarding competency development and recruitment endeavors.

The objective is to establish a unified skills repository within your organization, facilitating seamless competency searchability and enabling the assessment of delivery capacity. This consolidated resource serves as a foundation for thorough analysis, empowering you to make data-driven decisions. Additionally, the aim is to streamline the process of inputting the correct skills across all profiles and CVs in your organization, ensuring accuracy and consistency throughout your workforce documentation.

Take a look at the video below to get a better understanding of the Skill Sets Report:

How to work with the report as a manager

Once you have built your skills set, you get a filterable report with information about your skills supply and how it is streamlined with your defined sets. This report can be accessed and viewed, but only administrators can change the structure of the skill set and define which skills words belong to the skillsets.

You will find the "Skill Sets" report under Reports > Competencies and the tab.

Use the filters to find the specific Skillsets in the view, in the example "Back end developer".

Total (the number at the bottom of the report): This number indicates the total number of Project Managers when all the filters are applied.

Average(the number at the bottom of the report) - This number gives an average of the skill levels among the employees. To get the average, take the total amount of Project Managers and divide them by the total number of employees. For example, if Fredrik Nygren has level 5 on Project Manager and level 4 on Business Developer, add 5+4 and divide by 2(the two skills in this skillset), and you will get an average.

How to work with the report as an employee

To access the report, go to the 'Reports' in the menu. From there, select 'Competencies' to access the reports. Next, click on the 'Skill Sets' tab to view the report.

To find the specific skill set you want to compare against, use the available filters in the report. For example, if you're interested in the 'Project Manager' skill set, apply the relevant filters to narrow down the view.

In this report, you will get a good overview which enables you to gain a deeper understanding of your existing abilities and highlights opportunities for personal growth.

The grey box symbolizes that you have not added that skill to your profile and if you can't see a number in the box you have not yet added a skills level to the skill.

๐Ÿ’ก Click on your name directly from this view to get to your profile and add skills from the skill sets

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