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Team access - restrict access to Business overviews and reports.
Team access - restrict access to Business overviews and reports.
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Why Restricted views - Team access?

Cinode is a tool for transparency and sharing information to become faster and smarter and enhance cooperation within organizations. Adding the Cinode Business module means that salespeople, managers, and employees can easily find and match the right competence and desires to the right project.

When giving a user the Manager rights, the user will have access to all Business reports and overviews. Cinode offers the possibility to control access and/or visibility in these views/functions in Cinode to reduce insiders, for eg listed companies. The authorization control only applies to the Manager role in Cinode for customers using Cinode Business.

Which views can be restricted/have team access?

Project reports;

  • Pipeline History

  • Utilization forecast

  • Revenue forecast

  • Sales Report

Planner functions;

  • Utilization forecast

  • Delivery rate

The permission level is set based on a function/view and the team hierarchy built in Cinode (team level). It is possible to limit access to a function completely or to allow access but only see information got a specific team/team level.

How do I turn on Team access?

To turn on the possibility of working with restricted views and team access, reach out to Cinode Support,

How to configure

When team access is switched on, the option in Restricted views in Administration - Company will be visible:

Toggle on the functions to add restricted visibility.

When the functions are turned on, you must go to Users to set the team access. Without team access, the user will not see any information in the restricted/selected functions/views. Only people with Manager rights are subject to team access.

You can edit team access for one employee at a time or several by selecting more people. When selecting more than one employee, you must give all selected employees the same access level.

Select Edit access:

Select the functions you want to give restricted access to:

Select the team level the person or persons should be able to information for:

The result

When logging in to Cinode having restricted views turned on, the visibility for these views will be based on team access to

  • Owner team (team connected to a project)


  • Delivery team (the team the employee booked on a role belongs to).

For the Planner Forecast, you can access all the Delivery teams you have access to. Delivery teams you do not have access to will be greyed out:

In the Delivery rate, you will see all the projects connected to an Owner team you have access to.

The pipeline history report shows the pipeline history for all the projects that belong to the Owner teams you have access to.

Utilization forecast report visualize the Delivery teams that you have access to

The Revenue report, will show revenue from projects connected to Owner teams that you have access to. Note that all Delivery teams will be accessible regardless of the team access, it is only the Owner team/projects that are restricted.

The sales report contains all projects connected to the Owner teams you have access to.

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