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How to interpret the parts of the planner. Forecast, Timeline, Delivery rate and List.

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Note, only users with Manager-permission within your company are able to see this information.

This is an overview of the planner functions for allocation, availability, and capacity.

Overview Planner

  • Forecast

  • Timeline

  • Delivery rate

  • List


The utilization forecast is used to get an overview of utilization for company, business units, or teams over a year. Displayed in weekly och monthly view for either definitive or definitive and preliminary bookings.

With the availability forecast planner, companies can see when their consultants are available, which helps them identify any potential problems or gaps in resources ahead of time. This proactive approach allows for better planning and ensures that consultants are assigned to projects where their skills and expertise are needed the most.

Capacity forecasting helps businesses make smart decisions based on data when it comes to managing resources, balancing workloads, planning projects, hiring talent, and scaling their operations. By knowing how much work employees can handle in their assigned roles, companies can improve performance, make employees happier, and create a foundation for long-term growth and success.

Filter possibilities

In the utilization and availability employee views and the capacity view, you can use team, tag, location and skills as a filter. In the skills search you can choose OR/AND logic.


Timeline is an overview that can be shown in multiple ways. You can choose to view a list based on your teams (you are then posted as responsible for the team), all teams, on all employees or subcontractors.

The employee view in the timeline is listed from most available to less available consultants in order to help you visualize who to prioritize for upcoming projects. The other views give you a good overview of the booked roles for employees due to teams and from here it is easy to edit role details such as dates.

Click on the arrow by the team to open up the team.

Delivery Rate

In the delivery rate view, you can book, pin, edit, duplicate or remove all assigned and unassigned roles of your customer's projects. You can also easily filter on specific customers or owner teams.

The delivery rate visualizes your customer's projects and calculates how many assigned roles you have in the project.


  1. Go to Planner > Delivery rate in the menu

  2. Filter on a customer (In this case BankingCompany)

  3. View all projects and choose a project to expand by clicking on the arrow next to a project ( In this case the project Website implementation)

  4. The project has one assigned role with the extent of 100%/full-time (green) and one unassigned role (red).

    Calculate the extent of the assigned role divided by how many roles;

    100/200= 0,5, this will show a delivery rate of 50.

To book, pin, edit, duplicate or remove a role click the three dots next to the role and choose your action.


The list shows all projects and prospects as a list per employee.
You are also able to filter the visual planner by clicking the button at the upper right. For example, you can filter on team, dates and statuses.

The list serves as a tool for proactive sales, displaying a consultant's availability and profitability. By entering a targeted fee for consultants, this view will indicate if a consultant is engaged in a profitable assignment. The list progresses from available to increasingly utilized roles. Information about the consultant's office location, target rates, and current utilization is provided.

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