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Cinode's Latest Releases
Cinode's Latest Releases

See what's new in our latest release 🚀

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Release Version 10.12



  • Companies without the project planner module will now get a sneak peek of its magic — like finding a hidden treasure chest! 👑

Release Version 10.11



  • Customer: We've added a new column for tracking who created a customer. Accountability just got a new best friend. 🐩


  • SearchEvents: Our API now supports event searches. Search on, event detectives! 🕵️‍♀️

  • SearchCompanyCustomers: You can now filter for customers based on when they were created or last updated.

  • SearchCompanyCustomers: Able to filter customers by managers. No more "Who was handling this?" moments.

Bug Fixes:

  • CV template fix: The email label is now translated properly.

  • Subcontractors list: Fixed a crash when editing subcontractors. 💼💥

Release Version 10.9 & 10.10


  • Various behind-the-scenes improvements and optimizations. Our developers were busy with their magic wands!

Release Version 10.8



  • Improved AI character length UI: The character length value is now pre-selected on open for quicker editing. Plus, pressing [Enter] or the "Use" button opens the AI modal directly.

  • Added the ability to open filters in the drawer for the available users dashboard widget.

Bug fixes:

  • Added a default word asset file when creating a new default CV template. No more starting from scratch—templates now come with a built-in friend.

Release Version 10.7


Bug fixes:

  • State reason modal repaired. Now it behaves as it should—no more ghost buttons or invisible text.

Release Version 10.6



  • No new features in this update, but exciting things are on the horizon!

Bug Fixes:

  • Profile: Importing to work experiences now shows only the first role from the same commitment booking. Less clutter, more clarity!

  • Free companies: You can now respond to requests using your CV without a hitch. Back to business as usual!

  • Fixed an issue where iPhone users couldn't use the Enter button on their keyboards. Thumbs up for smooth typing!

Release Version 10.5



  • What's New: A shiny new link added to the top right user menu. Never miss an update!

  • User Drawer: Find open roles that you can book a user on.

  • Customer Contacts: Added a 'Quick call' feature to track calls with more ease.

  • Employee and Home sections: An absence tab is added for easier discoverability.

  • Project events: Can add a new customer contact via add/edit project event. Say hello to efficiency!

Bug Fixes:

  • Crash Prevention: Prevent crash when adding growth plans to disconnected user. Keep growing, crash-free.

  • Project > Roles: Margin is calculated correctly for all prospects when showing all roles for a project.

  • Tag filters: Some pages crashed due to the recently added tag filters. Now backend sets tag-operator to "Or" if null. Null? No problem.

Release Version 10.4



  • Export CVs directly from the CV list page. Because who doesn't love a good export button?

  • Growth plans: You can now give access to a colleague who is not a manager.

  • Tags filter added to the planner available page. Tag, you’re it!

  • Home > Dashboards now have a selector allowing you to swap between two different dashboards: "Default" and "Sales". The Sales dashboard is available for managers using our Business plan.

  • Global search now supports searching without exact diacritics. E.g., searching for Nina will find Nînã and searching for Demi—Sec will find Demi-sec. Changes take effect after the next reindexing per company. Accent problems? Not anymore!


  • Organizing widgets should be less fiddly.

  • Fixed an issue where you could not open the side drawer with user info if you are not on our Business plan


  • Location is added to weekly and monthly capacity export.

  • CompanyUserId is added to weekly and monthly capacity export.

Release Version 10.3



  • New module under Administration > Company > Features for skills generation on roles

  • Able to generate skills with AI when adding new roles

  • Also available for existing ones on the role page at the skills section


  • Listing customer contacts endpoint has a new property CreatedBy for each contact

  • Fetching one customer contact endpoint has a new property CreatedBy

Release Version 10.2



  • Report > Skill sets: Tags filter added

Bug fixes:

  • Fix integration extension menu area heading

  • Project > Pipe: Role tooltip name alignment

  • User drawer: Role link to planner is fixed

  • User drawer: Clarify role dates

  • Upload image is limited to 6 mb

Release Version 10.1



  • Added the ability to set Status on all events of type Note and Call

  • Planner > Available replaces the Planner > List page. New one defaults to show employees that are available, the UI is updated, and looks better in mobile.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that creates resumes based on dynamic template with bad data

  • Availability calculation failed when time stamp != 00:00:00

  • Create a self-referring cross rate if API doesn't provide it

  • Fixed start and end dates for roles when adding demo data

  • Fixed an issue with the project planner where editing preliminary booked rows did not retain the preliminary person when editing new periods of time

  • Fixed the URLs to CDN assets in API


  • Add CreatedDate, UpdateDate, and LastTouchdate to CompanyCustomersBaseModel

  • Can filter on LastTouchDate in the customer search endpoint

  • Add UpdateDate on CompanyCustomerContact model

Release Version 9.105


  • When many tags are displayed in lists they wind up in a [+3] thing

  • Fix HasExtension propoerty in the ProjectAssignment webhooks model

  • User drawer > The heading in the tooltip when viewing teams is visible again

  • Reports skills forecast > Adjust spacing when page loads

  • Tune what skills you can select when working in work experience

  • Small design touch ups in the user drawer roles section

  • Updated favicons for app to match

Release Version 9.104



  • User drawer: Quickly book an employee or subcontractor onto a new role

  • User drawer: You can opt to go back or close the drawer using the icons < or X in the top

  • User drawer: Show user's absence

  • Administration > Integrations > Webhooks: Add link to support article

  • Can trigger user drawer from: Available persons widget, Skill search, Skill reports pages, Role overview page

  • Webhook for role: Added a property for extended roles to see what role ID it was extended from

Bug fixes:

  • Give some animated feedback that the app is starting up, while the app is starting up, instead of a rather blank page. The spinner inside the app got the same look and feel.

  • Competence > Languages: fix crash when using a dialect of some language

  • Announce role: prevent user to proceed to preview step if he has written too long description

  • Import contacts: Should work better to retrieve contacts when having a large number of contacts in your external account

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