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What does public mode mean in the Resume?
What does public mode mean in the Resume?

Description of what it means with setting your Resume/CV in public mode and how you can use trackable public links.

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By allowing your CV to be shared via a link, individuals outside of your organization who receive the link will be able to view your CV. Rather than sending a PDF or Word file, you have the option to send the web address of your CV profile to a customer. This approach is often preferred by customers as it is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Additionally, the PDF and Word converters will be concealed from your customer.

Choose how the CV will be shared:

Company - Only people within the company

Anyone - anyone that has received the link can view the CV

Create trackable Links

Each link can also have an expiry date, after which the resume will no longer be accessible using that specific link. You can create several trackable links.

When you have shared the trackable link you can see how many people viewed the CV and when it was last viewed.

  • Click on edit if you want to change the expiry day or description

  • Remove will delete the trackable link

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