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How is the level of utilization calculated for an employee in Cinode?
How is the level of utilization calculated for an employee in Cinode?
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We base our utilization level calculations on daily data and the following aspects pertaining to the individual:

  • Availability on an applicable day

  • Utilization for the applicable day

To calculate availability for a specific day, we use the following information:

  • Is the employee expected to work on this day, and in that case, how much?

This information is based on the calendar the applicable employee is connected to. The calendar shows if the day in question is a bank day or not, and the extent of full-time in percentages, for example, 50% for a half-day (in the current version we use a default calendar with Swedish bank days and holidays).

  • Employee availability and team %

The employment level indicates the part of a full-time workday an employee is expected to work. Team % indicates the percentage of the employment level the consultant is expected to be available as a consultant.
An example of an availability calculation for an employee on the 9th of July 2017.

  1. Lisa has an employment rate of 100% (of full-time work)

  2. Lisa is allocated to Team Alpha as a consultant for 50% of her employment rate.

  3. Lisa is booked on an assignment for 50%

Lisa’s available time as a consultant in Team Alpha is 100% x 50% = 50%
Lisa’s utilization level is 50% / 50% = 100% during the applicable period.

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