Delivery Rate

See the delivery rate/edit the roles of your customer's projects. Planner.

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You can in the delivery rate view, book, pin, edit, duplicate or remove all assigned and unassigned roles of your customers projects. You can also easy filter on specific customers or owner teams.

The delivery rate visualizes your customers projects and calculates how many assigned roles you have in the project.


  1. Go to Planner -> Delivery rate in the menu

  2. Filter on a customer( In this case BankingCompany)

  3. View all projects and choose a project to expand by clicking on the arrow next to a project ( In this case the project Website implementation)

  4. The project has one assigned role with the extent of 100% (the color green) and two unassigned roles (the color red).

    Calculate the extent of the assigned role divided by how many roles;

    100/300= 0,33, this will show a delivery rate of 33.

To book, pin, edit, duplicate or remove a role click the three dots next to the role and choose your action.

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