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What is status reasons and how can it be used

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With status reasons in Cinode, you can track why the status of a certain entity was changed. This can be analyzed in the win/loss report for projects and recruitment to understand and see connections between why you lose and win projects and candidates.

In Administration, you can define status reasons for your project or your candidates that the users later can select from when changing the status for an entity.

Examples of status reasons that can be used:

How to add your Status reasons

  1. Go to Administration > Process and the tab Status reasons and click the plus sign

2. Add

  • Title: Add a title for your reason, why do you usually win a project? Add a reason.

  • Type: Choose the type for this reason, in this case, Project

  • Status: Add a Status for this reason, in this case, won

  • Description: Add a Description for this reason.

When users, later on, drag a project in the pipe to for example won, the users will view a pop-up window for all status reasons that are set as won for projects in administration and can choose from the different reasons to add for this project.

You can also filter on status reasons in the project list.

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