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Customize category titles on "Highlighted Skills" in your resumes
Customize category titles on "Highlighted Skills" in your resumes

How to create your own name/headline/title for highlighted category in "skills by category" for your resumes first page.

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Note! Not all CV templates include the section "skills by category".

In your resume, you can highlight certain "skills by category". You can group and sort skills into categories after a certain area of expertise. It is possible to both set your own customized title for "skills by category" and also choose one from the existing drop down list.

In the below article, you can see a description for each category to choose from. These a predefined by Cinode but are not necessary to adapt to in your resume since you can choose which skill to place under the headline 'role' for example.

How to set your own customized "skills by category" name:

  • Go to your resume

  • Press add

  • Write the name of the category you want to add

  • Click on the '+' icon

After created the category name you can choose which skills you want to include in that category or create a new skills to include by press "+".

Your "Skill by category" will be visible on the first page of the resume.

Now you can see your highlighted skills on the first page πŸŽ‰

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