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May 2023
Release Version 9.58 - May
Release Version 9.58 - May
Release notes from 2023-05-16
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  • App > Administration > Process > Pipelines > Users can now show the IDs of pipes and stages via the dropdown menu per pipeline.

  • App > Sign up > Hide timezone input for less clutter when signing up

  • App > Resume/Profile > Training block offers autocomplete suggestions for title, issuer, supplier and code, suggestions are based on what others in your company have previously entered there.


  • API > Corrected the access right to Partner manager when searching for partners, instead of manager.

  • Market > If used in the ads, bullet points and numbered lists will be properly formatted.

  • Market > Fixed an issue where HTML content would show up as text when sharing market requests. Now it's just the text.

  • App > Fixed a ui alignment issue in announce modal if you had project attachments with very long names.

  • App > Reports > Certification report received numerous fixes

  • Fixed an issue in the skill level definitions modal that made it look bad.

  • Fixed an issue with disappearing line breaks in dynamic templates

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