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May 2023
Release Version 9.57 May
Release Version 9.57 May
Release notes from 2023-05-11
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  • App > Customers list > You can now configure the columns to your liking. You can also export the columns of your liking as well. Corporate Id is a new available column.

  • App > Planner > Forecast > The menu and sub-pages have been slightly restructured to make room for a new upcoming capacity planner feature.

  • App > Project > Roles > When viewing roles under a project, we'll try to show role extensions close to each other when possible. Both in timeline, cards and list view.

  • App > Project > Role > You can now add skill requirements to a role directly by importing skills from your skill sets.

  • App > Project > Role > When viewed, the skills under a role are now sorted by if they're mandatory, what level requirement they have, and then name. Affects the market announcement pages as well, even though the actual level is not shown there.


  • Fixed an issue where selecting several skills in a row would appear to clear the input when choosing a skill in the dropdown.

  • Added numerous missing translations for when viewing resumes in languages other than Swe/Eng.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented free tier companies to create 10 employees if they already had some disconnected employees.

  • Fixed an issue that would leave the customer responsibles modal to remain in a loading state after filtering in it.

  • Fixed an issue where adding many skills to a role would cause the UI to overflow.

  • Fixed an issue with number of responses icon being misaligned in partner sections.

  • Fixed an issue where sorting tables by a column before initial data is loaded would cause a crash.

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