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Release Version 9.53
Release Version 9.53
Release notes from 2023-04-13
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  • App > Dashboard > How to get started in Cinode widget promotes adding a CV

  • App > Admin > Company > CV templates > Shows how many CVs a template is used in

  • App > Resume editor > Skills by category block > Search for and use your skill sets to create custom categories quickly.


  • Fixed an issue where you had to refresh the page to see newly added candidate skills on the candidate overview page

  • Adjusted Skill chips spacing in the resume/widget skills form.

  • Fixed a bug that reverted skill's level after the skill was marked as favorite.

  • Fixed so when adding training items in the profile tab and in a CV they become searchable

  • Don't show the native Reload site? browser prompt when navigating away from edit resume while changes done (clicking leave on confirm dialog).

  • Fixed the CV edit preview iframe resize log error

  • Fixed some white buttons where keyboard focus styles were missing.

  • Trying to add or edit a certification or course without the year property will give apropiate validation message back

  • Fixed that it preselects the users first team when adding a user to a role

  • Fixed a issue where some users who where trying to visit their Profile from work experience list in a resume crashed, link is corrected

  • Matching candidates on a role and their are now properly handled in the backend

  • Network -> Partner network -> Requests Performance optimization

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