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Release Version 9.49
Release Version 9.49
Release notes from 2023-03-16
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  • External API - An endpoint to announce assignments were added

  • External API - Added endpoints for viewing, adding, editing and removing candidate links

  • External API - Added support for choosing comparator in customer search. Comparators that can be used are Contains, StartsWith, EndsWith, Equals.

  • External API - Added endpoints to get partners and announce to selected partners and subcontractors

  • Cv list - Users are now able to create trackable links to a resume, that can be accessed by whoever has the link. Each link can also have an expiry date, after which the resume will no longer be accessible using that specific link. A view count is tracked for each of the links.

  • Administration > Process > Profile > Blocks tab - Company Admins can now set configurations for the "blocks" on user's profile page, such as if should be disabled (not displayed), the title and the description.

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