Upload images for your employees
How to upload a picture/images for employees
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How to upload a photo in Cinode for employees

Go to Administration > User > Images and click on the + sign

Follow these steps:

1. Click on the tab 'Images'

2. Click the plus button to start uploading an image (If you already have uploaded your image, go to step 5)

3. Click or drag & drop to upload your image

5. Click 'Save'

6. Crop the photo if needed

7. Click "Crop"

8. Assign to an employee

9. Check in the box 'Use as the primary

10. Click 'Save'

The image must be at least 100*100 and can not have more than 5 Mb file size

For the best result between 200*200 pixels - 600*600 pixels.

If you want to choose another photo as primary for employees:

1. Go back to the tab 'Images'

2. Click on the three dots next to the photo you want to select

3. Click 'Use as primary image'

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