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Release Version 9.48
Release Version 9.48
Release notes from 2023-03-10
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  • Announcing > roles now requires the role to have at least one skill requirement

  • Home > Upcoming tasks widget > A new sorting button added, newest/oldest as available options. Defaults to "newest"

  • App > CV > CV action menu > If you're an admin you'll see the option to "Configure CV template", to make template changes more easily.

  • App wide > All "new" autocompletes will try to restore the text in the input field to the currently selected value when the dropdown closes, to help the user understand what is currently selected.

  • External API > Added PATCH CompanyCustomer endpoint

  • External API > Moved Extent and ExtentType now exposed in CompanyUserRoles endpoint

  • Edit resume > translation missing badge functionality added to presentation block

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