The email synchronization will allow Cinode users to synchronize their email provider (e.g. Office365/Outlook/Exchange, Gmail etc), which will enable you to see sent emails between you, the customer and the contact persons in said company.

When enabled, the email sync will let you read and save emails sent between you as the Cinode user and your contact persons at your customers or companies that you are currently prospecting.

The email synchronization will also allow you to save emails you've gotten from customers into Cinode (active choice, per email) so that you can collaborate further and better within your team. Making this add-on a great tool for increasing transparency and collaboration between teams and team members.

How to set up email sync in Cinode

  1. Contact Cinode to get access to the module

  2. Go to "my account"

  3. Click on the tab synced accounts and click on "sync an account"

  4. Type in your email address and log in with your Cinode connected credentials.

5. Then you need to activate the synced account by toggling on

6. Check that the status is active

Pricing Plans

Email sync is optional, a paid-for add-on that is only available for users of Business, Partner, or Recruit. You will first need either a Business, Partner och Recruit user account in order to use Calendar Sync.

For pricing and plans, please contact our team.

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