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Release Version 9.47
Release Version 9.47
Release notes from 2023-02-23
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  • Self-signed companies can now add and manage one CV per user. The CV is fully editable and can be used and shared e.g. in job applications by making it public and sharing its link.

  • Added roles tooltip to project pipeline cards with additional information about assignees/prospects.

  • Added a quick link from your avatar to "my account > images" to help people to change their primary image.

  • The new resumes list UI has now also been implemented on employee, subcontractor & candidate pages.

  • Make the import resume section collapsible in the add resume modal.

  • App wide > Resume is called CV also in English.

  • Self signs up > Growth plan is no longer free. The skill set is free.

  • App > tags are sorted alphabetically when rendered as chips.

  • Free > Limit is added to only support max 10 employees.

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