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Release Version 9.44
Release Version 9.44
Release notes from 2023-02-02
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  • Links that used to send you to the old Profile page, will send you to the new one now.

  • CV import beta ribbon removed, we're not making any big adjustments

  • Planner > Timeline gets a collapsable sidebar, to allow it to be used on a mobile.

  • Profile > Can edit the presentation title field

  • Profile > Presentation block won't offer the "Save to" button unless there are resumes in the current language.

  • Home > When logged in as a candidate, the "Getting started" section is rebuilt, new goals are in place and the old Canned videos are removed.

  • External API > Expose customer size / "number of employees" on CompanyCustomerAddEditModel and CompanyCustomerModel

  • Administration > Integrations > Provisioning > Page converted to Angular.

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