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Release Version 9.41
Release Version 9.41
Release notes from 2023-01-22
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  • Resumes > Now with two tabs, Yours and All, where you can see all resumes in your company. Filters added as well.

  • In the planner > Delivery Rate > New filters added for Sales responsibles, project responsibles and customer responsibles

  • Search > Skills > When searching for a skill, the results will show an indication for each person if they have marked the skill as favorite and/or if it's part of their growth plans

  • Fonts Aleksei and Graphik uploaded to be used by a customer

  • Growth plans > Team Managers & Company Managers can now create GPs for other users within the company


  • Profile tab > Only show Save to button when applicable

  • Planner Forecast > A fix for duplicated utilization when being both def booked and prel booked with option to extend or oral agreement

  • List pages > Export. Now able to reach the export button even on smaller screens.

  • Siteadmin > Can now edit CSS for templates again

  • Projects List > The pipeline filter gets a "No pipeline" option

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