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Release Version 9.40
Release Version 9.40
Release notes from 2023-01-13
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  • Profile > Returning to a profile you've worked with before, will return you to the language version you were working with as well.

  • Profile > Added a table of content in the top left corner, next to the word "Profile"

  • Resume editor > Added a table of content in the top left corner, next to the name of the current resume you're editing.

  • Events > Added the ability to export the events list

  • Reports > Recruitment > A new Win/Loss report has been added. Drill down into your success journey, and the reasons for it.

  • Planner > Timeline > More size available for content area and improved scrolling behavior.

  • Administration > Integrations > Apps > Registration > Added developer json schema support for configuring your third party apps integrations into Cinode.

  • Project tooltip, seen from planner and other places, now includes "Last activity" field. Shows times in relative time vs now, uses the users app time, can be clicked for detailed time. You will likely see more of this pattern when we display exact times.

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